Psychic Fertility

The beginning of all things is complex and beautiful.  Psychic Fertility merges the intuitive with the rational and finds the light in every situation.  We help people with the energetics of pregnancy.  If you are deciding if you want to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility or just trying to prepare for pregnancy, we have so much to share with you along the path. 



All things require offerings.
This is not a sacrifice but it's something that matters. It's something of your ego but not soul-ly from your ego.
I heard a story once of a man born into a country occupied by nazi germany. He cried and cried as a baby. The doctors tried to treat and diagnose his condition but nothing was physically wrong. The occupying army left and he stopped crying.
For many who can't conceive or carry, the deepest imbalanced energetic is not acknowledged. Be it sourced from their own mapped out life that the body records or be it sourced from the imprint of the world's imbalance.

What is true is that some things we have control over and some things we don’t. The things we don't have control over, the things that have to invisibly shift, just like the retreating army, can be acknowledged and worked with. It can be bestowed a place within our process and can be felt both in the analytic realm and the energetic. Giving voice to these uncontrolled factors is a way to work with obscured energy so that it does not become an injurious force against our beings and bodies. Playing with this analytic space is like playing with the temporal nature of time and it is exquisite in its ability to reflect the unforeseen and unseen.

How do you we work with a force that hasn't yet occurred? The space of conception and pregnancy requires entering into the sacred. In the current profane climate of the world, the keys to the sacred womb(room) are not so obvious. They are hidden in the imaginative and the unseen-the occult if you will. This is where fertility magic originates. It's sacred space entering is like pressing your ear to the earth and listening. It's channeled message is a psychic weather vein, striking individuals who are receptive. We are all receptive. Psychic Fertility is so much more then magical messages. It is an intensive in correlating the injuries of the individual to the injuries of the world and healing both through conception.