Psychic Fertility

The beginning of all things is complex and beautiful.  Psychic Fertility merges the intuitive with the rational and finds the light in every situation.  We help people with the energetics of pregnancy.  If you are deciding if you want to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility or just trying to prepare for pregnancy, we have so much to share with you along the path. 


Be A Part of The Lullaby Project

The Lullaby Project is an ongoing curation of lullabys created by myself, clients and friends. A lullaby is defined as a soothing song that conveys emotional intent while connecting the singer to the child. It is often repettive and rhythmic just like a mediation mantra. One of the tools I use in my fertility coaching is to direct my clients to create a lullaby for their onborn child. The act of singing and the beauty of creating a lullaby is often a very intense exercise that sometimes brings up pain, sadness and resistance. For some, the act of opening their heart to sing to their child exposes the fear that they have and the possible disappointment of never actually becoming pregnant. I teach them to sing through the pain and the song often becomes an incredible opportunity to clear emotional and physical traumas and blockages.

If you would like to share your lullaby, drop me a line! I'll have an exciting announcement soon about recording an album of these gorgeous incantations!