Psychic Fertility

The beginning of all things is complex and beautiful.  Psychic Fertility merges the intuitive with the rational and finds the light in every situation.  We help people with the energetics of pregnancy.  If you are deciding if you want to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility or just trying to prepare for pregnancy, we have so much to share with you along the path. 


the law of attraction and pregnancy

So much of our society and culture is based of rational thought. It's not a bad thing but sometimes it can limit our capacity to understand factors that are outside of our mental comprehension. But, here is the thing. Limiting belief systems effect our capacity to manifest and reproduce. I ask clients to explore the person they feel they will be once they have a child. What will change in their life, relationship and emotional state? Will they feel more complete, more fulfilled, happy? We explore together the answer and their unconscious and fear based beliefs and we find a way to clear them and integrate the further self into the present. It is literally magic. Once we embody the very thing we are externally looking for, we attract it into our life. And, along the way, we create a better understanding of our own desire and radiance. If you would like to receive a downloadable mediation on how to clear unconscious beliefs, join my list and we will send it right along.

MOXA- How can this simple practice help preserve your fertility?

How can this simple practice help preserve your fertility? The ancient use of the herb mugwort, in the practice commonly referred to as moxa, has been used for thousands of years. Almost every good holistic reproductive doctor will use moxa but you can easily learn how to utilize this therapy at home. It is cost effective and extremely good for the female body.

Be A Part of The Lullaby Project

The Lullaby Project is an ongoing curation of lullabys created by myself, clients and friends. A lullaby is defined as a soothing song that conveys emotional intent while connecting the singer to the child. It is often repettive and rhythmic just like a mediation mantra. One of the tools I use in my fertility coaching is to direct my clients to create a lullaby for their onborn child. The act of singing and the beauty of creating a lullaby is often a very intense exercise that sometimes brings up pain, sadness and resistance. For some, the act of opening their heart to sing to their child exposes the fear that they have and the possible disappointment of never actually becoming pregnant. I teach them to sing through the pain and the song often becomes an incredible opportunity to clear emotional and physical traumas and blockages.

If you would like to share your lullaby, drop me a line! I'll have an exciting announcement soon about recording an album of these gorgeous incantations!

The narrative that circulates in society influences the experiences that people have within it.

Many people feel that they are the reason why they are experiencing infertility. They believe infertility is due to their life choices, which have been impacted by age, sexual history, abortion, trauma, addiction, psychological state, etc. They accept this karmic burden and support it with medical and social theories that reinforce this identity.
The journey through infertility is often a very isolating and lonely process. When it comes to pregnancy and birth, our society supports it with baby showers, classes, big box stores, doulas, doctors, and midwives. The process of becoming pregnant is assumed. After many people become pregnant and turn into "public property" overnight, subject to everyone's unsolicited advice and uncensored experience, few discuss the often difficult and anxiety producing period of becoming pregnant that they may have initially experienced.
For many it is difficult to speak about a state, such as pregnancy, that is desired but has never been experienced and can only be conceptualized through what is learned socially and culturally. The narrative that circulates in society influences the experiences that people have within it. Stories of early onset infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and traumatic births might seem like full disclosure by doctors and medical systems that feel obliged to present all possible outcomes. However, even hypothesizing about an individual’s potential fertility or infertility can have a hypnotizing impact. It can be a destabilizing force and at times can even manifest the hypothetical infertility.
This is doubly true about trans-generational mythologies of fertility. The stories we hear from childhood into adulthood influence what we understand and how we connect to our sexuality and to our reproductive capacity. The subtle energetics that influence the endocrine system respond to negative and stress-induced emotional self beliefs.
We must look deeper into the unconscious ways we influence a person’s connection to reproduction including the social, medical, and familial narratives that we sometimes blindly share. There is no one individual cause of infertility and no individual is the cause of the infertility they might experience.

Spiriutal liberation often begins with liberation from language.

I will have my opinions.
You will have your opinions.
People will have their opinions.
But what does it matter?
God doesn't have opinions.

[Opinions are often negotiations between ego, society and source. They shift and morph as the social reality contracts we agree to morph and change. They evolve according to our experiences and our suffering. While philosophies and thought structures are powerful interpretations of the universe, they run the risk of calcification. True thinking extends beyond personal opinion it becomes a practice of bracketing. Compassionate living acknowledges that people's actions are referential to the life they have lead and the life they desire to lead.

The exercise is this. When someone expresses a strong opinion that may or may not be at odds with your current psycho/emotional state, fall back, bracket that opinion and try to understand their context. Do not take it personally. Do not take it as law or fact, no matter how much social authority they have. Observe the reaction it illicits within you and bracket that too. What resonates as applicable keep and perhaps "save the other for another day." Spiriutal liberation often begins with liberation from language. This is a valuable skill to take into the terrain of fertility medicine.]

Why not go right to the source?

We can be immersed into the depths of our own individual kryptonite which usually is created in childhood. Without time or support to process this trauma, often we are forced to add on more levels of stress and trauma. Sometimes people will claim that nature and unplugging is the answer and for many it is a great help. However, I believe this is simply because the space and time opens up to process the underlying pain that the conception process and parenthood can uncover. I believe that if more people would do unconscious conception work both pregnancy and birth could be a fantastically healing experience with better outcomes for both the child and the parents that it is born to.

Often the deepest blockages reside in our lower chakras and they hide themselves like expert ninjas when we try to go looking for them. We so often look to the material manifestation of these innermost blockages and try to work backwards to the source.
This can work, but it can also not work. It depends on the depth — the growth out of the depths of the roots of the trauma — and many traumas are highly adaptable. The more empathetic and sensitive you are, the more adaptable and hidden the trauma can be due to the armor you have had to develop to live in the world.

So, why not go right to the source?

Earth Prayer

There are rivers that run underneath the surface of the earth.

I am vast and ancient without borders and I am all that is quintessential in your body and spirit. All fountains of youth are within. That is why no man has been able to find it.
Hush yourself down past the galaxy and find deep serenity under it all, not out of it all.
Put your ear to the earth, it is a heartbeat under your own flesh. Mother Earth is always holding you. Hush yourself down. Worry is misplaced prayer. The critique of the mind is explosive but could be expansive. I've seen it bulldoze the earth. I've seen spirits crushed and I've seen spirits fight back. You are all strong and this makes you stronger- but not by an externalized method. It is the kind of strength that you can't pay for. The opportunity is to grow and to learn and to understand a road map to heal your own suffering. Better yet, it is a new method of alchemically transfusing the pain into light, the pain into love and growth and wise woman eyes. It is allowing instead of controlling. There are Rivers under the earth. There is fear under the surface of our worry and control and that is alright- you are alive. You feel, you become. Heal your body and heal the earth, heal the earth and heal your body.


All things require offerings.  This is not a sacrifice but it's something that matters. It's something of your ego but not soul-ly from your ego.  

I heard a story once of a man born into a country occupied by nazi germany.  He cried and cried as a baby. The doctors tried to treat and diagnose his condition but nothing was physically wrong. The occupying army left and he stopped crying. 

For many who can't conceive or carry, the deepest imbalanced energetic is not acknowledged. Be it sourced from their own mapped out life that the body records or be it sourced from the imprint of the worlds imbalance.  

What is true is that somethings we have control over and somethings we don’t. The things we don't have control over, the things that have to invisibly shift, just like the retreating army, can be acknowledged and revered . They can be bestowed a place within our process and can be felt both in the analytic realm and the energetic.  Giving voice to these uncontrolled factors is a way to work with obscured energy so that it does not become an injurious force against our beings and bodies. Playing with this analytic space is like playing with the temporal nature of time and it is exquisite in its ability to reflect the unforeseen and unseen. 

How do you we work with a force that hasn't yet occurred?  The space of conception and pregnancy requires entering into the sacred. In the current profane climate of the world, the keys to the sacred womb(room) are not so obvious. They are hidden in the imaginative and the unseen-the occult if you will. This is where fertility magic originates. It's sacred space entering is like pressing your ear to the earth and listening.  It's channeled message is a psychic weather vein, striking individuals who are receptive. We are all receptive.  Psychic Fertility is so much more then magical messages.  It is an intensive in correlating the injuries of the individual to the injuries of the world and healing both through conception.  

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We are all unified.

Consider this:
If you are reading this your uterus and body are the most free, the most liberated than they could have ever been in recorded history. Structures and operating systems for many of us in the free world cannot openly dictate when or with whom we reproduce.

If you are reading this, your body is the most free it's been in history.
For many on the planet, this is not the case.
Same sex couples in 80 countries cannot be together under the law, let alone have a family together. Those born into a particular religious sect may have their reproductive rights superseded by religious law. Those captive within the deplorable sex trade may have no choice or voice for their bodies, minds, or spirits.

Radical freedom is a relatively new opportunity. For many people, taking time in this life to explore and know themselves, their sexuality, and their unique individual desires is the prerequisite before conceiving and having children. This self-transformation takes time and for some the length of the reflection extends to the cusp of their bodies' reproductive years. Choosing exploration over biological time can be a hard exchange.

I stress that even the freedom to enter into conversation with your reproductive choice is within itself revolutionary. For many, this revolution has not yet occurred. If you have been fortunate to be born now in the right place with the freedom to choose, then remember this: hold it sacred as something very unique and magical. You are a frontiers person and frontiers people are always the bravest.

Act with courage. Avoid fear. Construct new paradigms for the planet. Show our sorted repressive history and the oppressive hold-outs on the planet what a free sexuality and uterus looks like. Help us to evolve out of — not devolve into — replacing fallen structures with new masters such as modern medicine and cultural materialism. Remember, "as above, so below and so below, as above."

We are all unified. The way each of us represents and extends our unique freedom helps support all other people on the planet. It helps liberate us and creates a better future for all children, not just the ones we choose to create.