Psychic Fertility

The beginning of all things is complex and beautiful.  Psychic Fertility merges the intuitive with the rational and finds the light in every situation.  We help people with the energetics of pregnancy.  If you are deciding if you want to have a child, suffering from loss or infertility or just trying to prepare for pregnancy, we have so much to share with you along the path. 


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Psychoanalysis and the Occult NYC


The purpose of the “Psychoanalysis and the Occult” Project is to return to Freud’s work on the psychic domain - the work on “telepathy” originally left out of the Traumdeutung and his development of “psychic reality” emerging from his analysis of psychosis and the Schreber case - and to compare it with the work of Lacan, Jung, Reich, and others who sought to explore psychic causality and the occult from a logical perspective.

Richard Reichbart - Ethno-Psychoanalysis and Para-Psychoanalysis
Gerald Gargiulo - Quantum Psychoanalysis
Jason Louv - Reichian Analysis and Crowleyan Magick
Scott Von -  Beyond the Occult: Lacan’s Clinic of the Real
Susannah Mileshina - The Expanded Transference 
Julie Von - The Hysterical Clinic
Ruth Rosenbaum - Passion at a Distance: Psi and Psychoanalysis
David Schweichler - Jungian Politics: Red and Black Books
Later Event: May 20
East Meets West Conference NYC